November 8 2012, 5pm

Can we all just appreciate this for a second


Moira Donovan: Who did you become closest to on set? And if you hadn’t been cast as Effie Trinket, what would have been your emotions because we all know how bad you wanted this role! Thanks in advance :)

Elizabeth Banks: @moira Woody Harrelson is the best dude to hang out with!

September 15 2012, 10pm

There’s photos for all the cast of catching fire except from Lizzie and Woody so now my little Hayffie minds coming up with magical thins right now

September 2 2012, 2pm

Okay, I saw a Gif set about Ebanks on working with Woody Harrelson…


And I just thought “What if Elizabeth and Woody had an affair while on set? I mean, she already admitted she had a crush on him and that she had fun working with him.”

What if?

What if?


What the fuck am I saying?

Hayffie is seriously ruining my life

July 26 2012, 9pm

Elizabeth Banks said on the live webcam chat she would be filming catching fire when the emmy’s were on which means woody would be as well which means we can kiss the hayffie photos at the emmy’s goodbye